Building a High-quality Ecologicalized Industry Alliance

Technology-driven High-quality Epitaxial Wafer Supply

Providing Ubiquitous One-stop Services

Epiwafer Supply

Providing standardized and customized epitaxial wafers.

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Epiwafer-based Cooperation

Flexible epitaxial wafer production and sales cooperation, providing epitaxial wafer agency services to help partners to enter the Chinese market.

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Epiwafer Quality Testing

Providing supporting services including epitaxial wafer technique confirmation and wafer quality testing.

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Joint Development Scheme

Multi-dimensional joint development cooperation with upstream and downstream companies to meet the diversified requirements of the market for material production.

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Production Line Management

Providing equipment entrusted management, equipment after-sales service, equipment operation guidance, plant management services, production line construction guidance and production line customization support services to help clients maximize the use of equipment in carrying out research and production work.

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